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Patient Reviews


“Thanks to Patricia my constant back pain is gone. I’ve been to chiropractic care and that usually alleviates the condition. This last bout was not responding to treatment. After 6 sessions with Patricia the back pain was mostly gone. There are days now that I feel no pain at all and feel completely at ease. That hasn’t happened in years. I plan to maintain sessions with Patricia as needed.

I highly recommend Patricia to anyone who suffers back pain. She listens and plans a course of treatment that is suited to your needs as an individual.”

Tony M


“I have been in constant pain for the past three years with sciatica and went from taking 13 Excedrin a day to once a day. Now I can get through the whole day doing what I need to do. I am so grateful. Thank you Patricia.”

Nancy H


“I have been treated by Patricia for 3 months now. The treatments helped my tremendously with my back pain, neck and shoulders, needless to say I was a mess. Her knowledge and determination to help you is so refreshing, I felt special at the end of all my treatments.

I am so satisfied with the results that I want to continue just to keep the energy, the flexibility that I have now. Life is worth living when it is pain free.
Thank you Patricia, God Bless”

Lili B


“I have much less anxiety and feel more energized with greater flexibility in my shoulder. I swear by it.”

Elizabeth M


“Patricia has been so helpful in addressing my horrible allergies, which are usually terrible in the spring and fall. I have more energy, my head isn’t so cloudy, just amazing!”

Frank M


“My shoulder was achey all the time and now the pain is gone. My arm feels great. The treatments are so relaxing.”

Noreen O


“Patricia is terrific and a talented acupuncturist. The treatments helped me tremendously with my back pain, which I had for the past year. It went from constant to intermittent with much less intensity. I am encouraged to continue with acupuncture in the hope of complete relief.”

Michael L


“I have been treated by Patricia for the last 3 months. She is a fantastic acupuncturist as well as a caring human being. I have Multiple Sclerosis and she has been instrumental in trying to help me get more comfortable. Patricia has gone out of her way to do research and try special techniques for my particular disease. I have been to many other acupuncturists in my lifetime and Patricia is by far one of the best and most caring that I’ve ever been to. I recommend her services without hesitation. Peace.”

David E


“Patricia is wonderful! Constipation has been a lifelong problem for me and I credit acupuncture with bringing my body back to balance. It definitely works!”

Sheila H

“Over the course of 4 and 1/2 years, I have had many acupuncture treatments, by four different practitioners. Among those, I have found Patricia to be stellar. She is professional, thorough, and extremely caring. Listening attentively to my current issues, she uses her innate intuitive ability to plan my treatment. She carefully places the needles in the appropriate meridians to ensure the best outcomes. I always feel well cared for at the end of my treatment. I would highly recommend Patricia, if you are considering acupuncture.”
Sue C


“This was my first experience having acupunture for a back injury. I had tried chiropractors, therapy and as a last resort an epidural injection for the pain, none
of these treatments helped. Patricia was very patient and explained everything as she treated me and I found after several weeks the pain I had was almost gone. I can
walk now and I feel much better since going to her. I would consider trying acupuncture for other pain issues I have and I feel that having an experienced acupuncturist as Patricia truly beneficial to my well being.”

Patricia H


“My affliction, Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) is very rare. I suffered paralysis, difficulty speaking, swallowing intense neurological pain, and numbness. I spent a week in ICU, weeks in rehab, and a year plus with no relief, until I found Acupuncture. Patricia has brought healing into my life. Her talent is a natural gift enhanced by her caring, bright mind, listening skills, research, and attention to detail. She is very creative, intuitive and her approach is filled with sensitivity. The quality of her care is unrivaled. My results were miraculous I am lucky to have found her.”

Mark H


“Patricia helped manage my back pain from a herniated disk for several months. I eventually needed surgery on the disc, but with Patricia’s help, my recovery went very well and in less time then I expected. Patricia is very gentle and professional. She s very easy to work with… I am glad she was with me over the past few months to get me through this difficult time”

Bruce B


“This was my first experience having acupuncture for a back injury. I had tried chiropractors, therapy and as a last resort an epidural injection for the pain, none of these treatments helped. Patricia was very patient and explained everything as she treated me and I found after several weeks the pain I had was almost gone. I can walk now and I feel much better since going to her. I would consider trying acupuncture for other pain issues I have and I feel that having an experienced acupuncturist as Patricia truly beneficial to my well being.”

Pat H


“My current treatment with Patricia has beeb rewarding on so many level. She follows an intuition that cannot be explained in mere words. I have found better physical and emotional balance and have learned so much from her advice on nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Patricia’s treatment is about so much more than the time in the office. You will be amazed at the sustaining impact she makes on your life as a whole”

Eddie B


“Trish is a caring and intuitive practitioner. She is a healer with the intelligence and compassion to bring the mind and body into balance. She is thorough and supportive. Being in treatment with Patricia for nearly three months was such a gift. If you are considering acupuncture I highly recommend that you schedule yourself an appointment with Patricia.”

Rebbeca S


“Meeting with Patricia was a blessing of my life. I was trying to conceive for almost three years without luck. I have done one fresh IVF cycle but no success. I was completely shattered. I was going to try another IFV but had a very little hope. Some how I start believing that I never can be pregnant and if the second IVF doesn’t work then will not try anymore. At this point my clinic recommended me to have acupuncture along with the fertility medication. Choosing an acupuncturist was a difficult job for me. I talked to a few of them but got satisfied after talking to her only. She gave me hope. Patiently and with a lot of care she did my treatment. I start getting good sleep which I didn’t have for awhile, and in many ways I had the signal that it is working. And guess what? It really did work. For the first time in this three years after a failed IUI and IVF I got pregnant. I would definitely dedicate part of my success to her. It was her who gave me hope when I needed. Treated me with so much care and patience. Did a lot of adjustments on her schedule to give me a better service. I would love to go back to her with any kind of health issues if I get. May God bless her.

At the last but not least, to those women who are suffering from infertility like I was, try her treatment. There is no harm with acupuncture. Rather it increases your chance. Medication and acupuncture is a good combination I believe. All your time you spent here, your Patience, hard work, co-operation with her will worth so much at the end. Trust me.”

Chaiti C