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Larry Schmitt, Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Certified Thai Yoga Practitioner




I am a certified practitioner of Thai Yoga Bodywork as well as a Hatha Yoga
I first discovered yoga while searching for relief from chronic low-back
discomfort, primarily resulting from Scoliosis. With relief from pain in my own
body, my passion for studying and practicing led me to becoming Yoga
teacher, and after time a bodyworker.
I believe the Yoga and Thai Bodywork combination of disciplines has provided
me with a functional, holistic approach to healing. More than just working with
the body’s individual parts, I understand how and why the many connections
within the body exist, and what optimal motion ought to look like. Most
importantly, I’m able to recognize tension patterns within the body, which
allows me to trace dysfunction to its origin. The result of this approach is
longer lasting relief from pain and discomfort as well as improved range of
motion in most cases.
I received my Thai Bodywork certification from BodyMind Thai and Hatha
Yoga certification from Lotus Gardens Yoga.